The Bunnyman Franchise consists of four feature films. 


The Bunnyman Franchise continues to build steam. Bunnyman 1 - 3 have been distributed worldwide. The creator of Bunnyman, Carl Lindbergh, has been featured in countless media outlets promoting the films, from exclusive interviews/features in print with leading horror magazines such as FANGORIA, to leading online interview sites such as THIS WEEK IN HORROR. Bunnyman 1 - 3 are available around the world, including such sites as AMAZON, but also major retailors such as WAL-MART, BEST BUY etc. The original Bunnyman  wrapped up its initial run on the CHILLER TV channel, which aired the film 100 times during 2012 / 2013 to millions of viewers. Bunnyman 2 aka The Bunnyman Massacre also had an successful television run on the CHILLER channel. Bunnyman Vengeance aka Bunnyman 3 was released in November 2017 via Uncork’d Entertainment. Bunnyman : Grindhouse edition was released on April 19th 2019. Bunnyman : Grindhouse​ is a completely redone version of the original Bunnyman film.  

Bunnyman has even broken into the mainstream, with parodies on SOUTH PARK etc.


Please note : The Bunnyman films have been released world wide in countless territories. With international releases, the names of the films have been changed slightly due to the countries respective copyright laws. As such the name changes have created a bit of confusion.  ​Bunnyman 1 is simply known as Bunnyman in the United States. In European territories Bunnyman 1 was titled Bunnyman Massacre. Bunnyman 2 was released in the United States at Bunyman Massacre. In European territories Bunnyman 2 was called Bunnyman Resurrection.

Middle East


Bunnyman Vengeance - Promo 1

16 Million + views on Youtube


Bunnyman (original version), Bunnyman Massacre, and Bunnyman Grindhouse Edition are all available to stream / download / purchase on Amazon

Chiller channel

Courtesy of Pamela from Mexico

BUNNYMAN - Contest #2

Bunnyman 2 - Trailer

The Bunnyman franchise is blessed to have some very creative fans that submit their work to us. In order to provide them a creative outlet, we held a costume contest. We received submissions from all over the world, and below is the winner and runner up. 

A honorable mention goes out to David Bicanin from Kragujevac, Serbia ! He recently  shared these

pics of his Bunnyman costume with us…. now roaming the woods in Serbia !!!!

Fan's animated Bunnyman short.


Runner up from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia 

Comic Book

We have various Bunnyman merchandise for sale including the Bunnyman Monsterpalooza exclusive T-shirt. Email for order inquires. 

Bunnyman : Grindhouse Edition

UK  - Part 1

First place winner from San Diego, California

- 2019


- 2017


- 2011

Fan's painting of Bunnyman.

Ain't It Cool News


BUNNYMAN - Advertising

Courtesy of Amber Fawn aka "theklownkween"



Comic Con - Fan Reaction Video

BUNNYMAN - South Park Parody


E3 Convention / TV Appearance


Peter Scartabello is a composer of more than 100 musical works for both the concert stage and film. His music has been premiered in the US and Canada. He has worked with filmmakers from the US, India, Russia, Sweden and Norway. The film Russian Lessons (2010) by Andrei Nekrasov and Olga Konskaya was shown at Sundance and nominated for the Grand Jury Prize for best documentary. Most recently, Gulabi Gang (2012) by Nishtha Jain, which he also scored, won the Muhr Asia/Africa Award for Best Documentary at the Dubai International Film Festival. It also won the Golden Chair Award for Best Documentary at the Norwegian Film Festival.

Mr. Scartabello was born in Providence, RI in 1972. After beginning his music studies in percussion, guitar and piano, he quickly decided to focus on composition and composed his first piece at age 10. From 1990-91 he studied music theory and composition at Manhattanville College NY, where he also played percussion in the Manhattanville Symphony Orchestra. From 1991-92 he studied percussion with George Goneconto at Rhode Island College.

From 1992-95 Mr. Scartabello studied composition with Dary John Mizelle and Alvin Brehm at Purchase College NY, where he later received a BFA in classical composition. In 1993, his piece Confined Infinity, was performed at a concert at Purchase College under the artistic direction of renowned percussionist Raymond DeRoches. Mr. Scartabello also took part in the 1995 Purchase College Computer Music Forum, where his piece Electro-Magma was performed.

In 1998 Mr. Scartabello composed the music for The Little Prince, a short film by Christopher Reiser based on Antoine de Saint-Exupery's novella. In 2004, the piece Threshold was commissioned by clarinetist Sarah Ladd and was world premiered later that year by her ensemble at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

In 2006, the Warwick Symphony Orchestra (RI) commissioned Mr. Scartabello to compose his Symphony No. 2 to honor their 40th anniversary. Later that year guitarist William Maker commissioned him to write the piece Difference Engine for two classical guitars. The piece was premiered that year at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI by William Maker and Eric Christiansen.

In 2007 Mr. Scartabello scored the short film Woman of His Dreams by director Walt Foreman. In 2008 he scored Dave Merson Hess's experimental short film Fermentation of Desire. In 2010 Mr. Scartabello was commissioned by bass clarinetist Kathryn Lodano to compose a piece for bass clarinet and orchestra. The piece will be premiered in the Fall of 2011 as part of the NUMUS Contemporary Music Festival in Ontario, Canada. That year he also scored the feature-length horror film Bunnyman by LA director Carl Lindbergh.

Mr. Scartabello is currently living in North Kingstown RI and teaches percussion, piano and composition at the Knapp School of Music in Peace Dale RI.

Fan's artwork makes an appearance in the new Bunnyman film, Bunnyman Vengeance


BUNNYMAN - Chiller Promo Trailer


Bunnyman Grindhouse Edition - Trailer


Bunnyman Vengeance - Teaser  

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Courtesy of Trae Sexton


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The music of the Bunnyman franchise is the brainchild of Peter Scartabello.

Please visit Peter Scartabello's website at

for more information.

The international releases of Bunnyman has lead to some confusion over the titles of the films. "Bunnyman" is known as "The Bunnyman Massacre" in the European territories. "Bunnyman 2" aka "The Bunnyman Massacre" is known as "Bunnyman Resurrection"  in the European territories. 

Bunnyman Monsterpalooza exclusive T-shirts are unisex t-shirts. Sizes are S - 3XXL. 


- 2014


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A Bunnyman themed giveaway was hosted on IG, and these were two of the prizes.



BUNNYMAN - Interviews

Jason Baker's Bunnyman collection

Chiller TV Promo

BUNNYMAN - South Park parody

UK  - Part 2

BUNNYMAN - Fan Videos

The Bunny Man is an urban legend that probably originated from two incidents in Fairfax County, Virginia, in 1970, but has been spread throughout the Washington, D.C. area. The legend has many variations; most involve a man wearing a rabbit costume who attacks people with an axe or hatchet.

See the Wikipedia page  

​The Bunnyman films have been folded into mythology, as you can see in the videos below. 

Bunnyman Vengeance

The Bunnyman Massacre

The "giant killer bunny" can be seen all over pop culture. 


Bunnyman Vengeance - Promo 2

The mythology of "giant killer bunnies" dates back to the middle ages. Please see the below links for more information.


Courtesy of Julia Perez