Carl Lindbergh graduated from California State University Long Beach and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in film production. Shortly after graduation, Lindbergh formed his first production company, ANOC PRODUCTIONS i.e. A NO ONE CARES PRODUCTIONS. The company would primarily focus on the funding and production of his feature films.

Lindbergh made his directorial debut with the self financed film, "Shadows of the Dead", a unique horror/drama that defies the expected conventional clichés associated with the respective genres. The film received worldwide distribution from FIRST LOOK features. 

With "Shadows of the Dead" complete, it was time to move onto the next project, "Shattered Lives". Again, Lindbergh would serve not only as its sole producer, but also its writer, editor, and director. Lindbergh's second 35MM feature film was better received and built from the leasons learned on his first feature film. The "horror" elements and "drama" elements have been more fully realized into a cohesive whole. "Shattered Lives" was released domestically by LIONSGATE.

Building on the success of his previous two feature films, Lindbergh completed his third independent horror film, "Bunnyman" in 2011. Bunnyman has been covered in the leading horror publications, Fangoria and Rue Morgue, as well as online with such sites as Ain't It Cool News, where it received positive reviews. Bunnyman received heavy rotation on the Chiller channel throughout the years. With hundreds of showings in millions of households, the Bunnyman film/brand was able to build a huge fan base. The Bunnyman brand was even parodied on South Park in 2012. 

With the Bunnyman brand building momentum, and fans asking for more films, a second Bunnyman film titled "The Bunnyman Massacre" immediately went into production. The response was even more enthusiastic for the second film, and a third film in the series recently complete production titled "Bunnyman Vengeance".

Within the span of five years, Lindbergh turned the idea of Bunnyman into a franchise of three feature films, a animated short, a upcoming comic book, and a remake of Bunnyman called Bunnyman : Grindhouse Edition. ​With the Bunnyman trilogy of films complete, Lindbergh has moved onto his sixth and seventh feature films which are in various states of early pre-production. A sixth feature film, "Nowhere Girl" is a sci fi film slated to film in early 2018. The seventh feature film, "Blood Angel" is a sci fi/horror/thriller slated to film late 2018.


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