ARTWORK NOT FINAL: concept artwork only



What initially started as a simple idea of doing a director's cut of the film, evolved into a full "remake" of the film. The original Bunnyman is being completely recut, approx. 25% of the film is new footage (incorporating deleted scenes and new VFX), and the score is being completely redone. These changes go way beyond a simple directors cut, however it's not an entirely new film either. When revisiting the film, we realized there was much more we could fix then initially anticipated. These changes will make Bunnyman : Grindhouse Edition the definitive version of the original Bunnyman film.


This trailer was created to go in front of Bunnyman : Grindhouse Edition. Part of the fun of these Grindhouse films are the trailers that play before a feature. In the tradition of Roger Corman etc, we reused footage from our other films to create something new. This trailer is indicative of how we are remaking Bunnyman into Bunnyman : Grindhouse Edition.