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Blood Angel - Promo (extended version) 

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Death is not the end, it's only the beginning.

Log Line:        

A time traveling scientist appears in present day, intent on carrying out Hitler's master plan via inhuman methods. 


Blood Angel is a thriller/horror film about a time traveling Nazi scientist. Germany, early 1940's: The Nazi regime is developing "wonder weapons" to win

the war. The Nazis lose the war, but their secrets remain hidden until now. Cut to present day as an inhuman Nazi scientist materializes from nowhere.

Tonight, he will unleash Hell in an attempt to re-establish Hitler's 3rd Reich back to world dominance.


Blood Angel is currently in early pre-production. Filming will begin in 2017. 

Promo Reels:

The below promo videos are meant to convey the mood and style of Blood Angel.


We are currently looking for investors to partner with for Blood Angel. Please See the below investor reel which showcases the props, locations, and 

costumes for the film.