Log Line:        

After crash-landing her Spacecraft on an unknown barren planet, a young woman along with her Robot counterpart are left for dead as she struggles with her fate, her mortality, and a dysfunctional family consisting of one alien, one human, and one machine.


In a failed attempt to impress her father, who’s also her military squadron Commander, Nat engages in a firefight with an alien spacecraft. Nat shoots down the alien ship but in doing so, also crashes her spaceship on a desolate planet. Her father is unable to rescue his lost daughter. Nat is left alone on the planet with her companion robot Orbot, and an alien child from the alien ship’s wreckage. Nat must come to terms with her mortality, saying goodbye to her father whom she failed, raising an alien creature, and handling an increasingly agitated robot. Nat will never have the life and family she wanted, but she does have a dysfunctional family of one human, one alien, and one machine. 


"Nowhere Girl" is currently in the early pre-production phase and is slated to film early 2017.

Concept Art:

Early concept art. The poster is meant to convey a vintage 70's sci fi feel. This is indicative of the approach we are taking towards our first science fiction feature film. 

Early Pre-Production Status:


As you can see below, we are assembling the props/sets to build the interior of the spaceship.

Promotional Teaser

Here is the actual desert location we will be shooting in. We will have similar multiple planets on the horizon, but done more realistically. 


We also have a lot of the locations already scouted. Here we see ruins that our protagonist investigates on the "desolate" planet.