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A NO ONE CARES PRODUCTIONS i.e. ANOC PRODUCTIONS was founded in 2000. We are a dynamic and creative independent film company specializing in horror films. Located in Southern California, ANOC PRODUCTIONS has produced and developed numerous independent films including the cult hit BUNNYMAN franchise. Our films have been distributed worldwide by such distinguished distributors as FIRST LOOK and LIONSGATE. We have had our films sold nationwide by such major retailers as WALMART and BEST BUY. The Bunnyman franchise has received heavy rotation on the CHILLER cable channel. The Bunnyman franchise has also broken into the mainstream with parodies on SOUTH PARK etc.  


ANOC PRODUCTIONS specializes in producing commercially viable dramatic horror films under very tight budgets. ANOC PRODUCTIONS will stay on schedule and UNDER budget. We specialize in producing films that bridge the gap between horror and drama, ultimately exploiting both their strengths, but avoiding the weaknesses of their respective genres. ANOC PRODUCTIONS is eager to push its films in unique directions, yet stay within the commercial confines of the horror genre. 

The films of ANOC PRODUCTIONS, Shadows of the Dead, Shattered Lives, The Bunnyman Franchise (currently 3 films produced), stand as testaments to creative independent filmmakers working within the horror genre. These films are more than just the sum of their severed parts, and this is why they stand apart from the countless horror films that flood the market. It is with this philosophy that ANOC PRODUCTIONS has managed to secure distribution for every film it has produced.


ANOC PRODUCTIONS offers a variety of film and video production services that will fit any production's needs. We will turn your idea into reality and keep the film within your budget. If you are interested in investing in a current or future ANOC "PRODUCTIONS' project", or want to know about the exciting & profitable opportunities as a financial partner with us, please contact us below for detailed information and executive summaries of our current and future productions.


ANOC PRODUCTIONS recently wrapped production on Bunnyman 3 which will be title BUNNYMAN : Suffer the Children. We are currently in post production with a targeted 2016 release. ANOC PRODUCTIONS has also announced two additional films currently in pre-production phases. BLOOD ANGEL which is a sci-fi horror feature film. The second feature is NOWHERE GIRL, a science fiction film which is currently in the early pre-production stage, and will begin principal photography in 2016.    
Please see the below BLOOD ANGEL promo video for more information. We are currently looking for investors to partner with for BLOOD ANGEL.




Carl Lindbergh attended California State University Long Beach and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in film production in 2000. Shortly after graduation, Lindbergh formed his first production company, ANOC PRODUCTIONS i.e. A NO ONE CARES PRODUCTIONS. The company would primarily focus on the funding and production of his feature films.

Lindbergh made his directorial debut with the self financed film, "Shadows of the Dead", a unique horror/drama that defies the expected conventional clichés associated with the respective genres. The film received worldwide distribution from FIRST LOOK features. 

With "Shadows of the Dead" complete, it was time to move onto the next project, "Shattered Lives". Again, Lindbergh would serve not only as its sole producer, but also its writer, editor, and director. Lindbergh's second 35MM feature film was better received and built from the leasons learned on his first feature film. The "horror" elements and "drama" elements have been more fully realized into a cohesive whole. "Shattered Lives" was released domestically by LIONSGATE.


Building on the success of his previous two feature films, Lindbergh completed his third independent horror film, "Bunnyman" in 2011. Bunnyman has been covered in the leading horror publications, Fangoria and Rue Morgue, as well as online with such sites as Ain't It Cool News, where it received positive reviews. "Bunnyman" wrapped up its initial run on the Chiller channel to make room for its sequel. "Bunnyman" is known as "The Bunnyman Massacre" in the European territories. "Bunnyman 2" aka "The Bunnyman Massacre" is known as "Bunnyman Resurrection"  in the European territories. 

The success of "Bunnyman" lead to the immediate production of two sequels.  Bunnyman 2 was renamed "The Bunnyman Massacre" and is currently airing on the CHILLER cable channel. Bunnyman 3 wrapped recently wrapped production and has a targeted release date of 2016.

Lindbergh's sixth feature film, "Blood Angel" is currently in pre-production and is slated to film 2016.


To reach ANOC productions and/or Carl Lindbergh you can email us at the following :