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ANOC productions



A NO ONE CARES PRODUCTIONS is a dynamic and creative independent film company specializing in dramatic horror films. 

Located in Southern California, ANOC productions has produced and developed numerous independent films including the 

Bunnyman franchise. 

Our films been distributed world wide by such distributors as FIRST LOOK and LIONSGATE. We have product sold in major 

retailers such as WALMART. Currently we have one of our Bunnyman films in heavy rotation on the CHILLER channel. 

ANOC PRODUCTIONS is currently in pre-producion of their fifth feature film, BLOOD ANGEL. 

ANOC PRODUCTIONS was founded in 2000.


ANOC PRODUCTIONS specializes in producing commercially viable dramatic horror films under very tight budgets. ANOC PRODUCTIONS will stay on schedule and UNDER budget. 

ANOC PRODUCTIONS produce films that bridge the gap between horror and drama. Ultimately exploiting both the strengths, and avoiding the weaknesses of their respective genres. ANOC PRODUCTIONS are eager to push film in unique directions, yet stay within the commercial confines of the horror genre. 

The films of ANOC PRODUCTIONS; Shadows of the Dead, Shattered Lives, The Bunnyman Franchise stand as testaments to creative independent filmmakers working within the horror genre. These films are more then just the sum of their severed parts, and they stand apart from the countless horror films that flood the market. That is why every film that ANOC PRODUCTIONS has produced have received distribution.


ANOC PRODUCTIONS offers a variety of film and video production services that will fit any productions need. We will turn your idea into reality, and keep the film within your budget.  

If you are interested in investing in a current or future ANOC PRODUCTION, or want to know about the exciting & profitable opportunities as a financial partner with us, please contact us below for detailed information and executive summaries of our current and future productions.